Betting without wasting time on details such as user login and password
Easy deposit instead of bank and other methods for deposit and withdrawal
Global usage with 10 diffrent language options
Easy and fast betting ability with friendly user interface.
Two new bonus systems that you are completely in control of, instead of common bonus system with obligation to be rolled over that does not appeal to betting customers. Mystery Bonus and Super Bonus.
Cash out with tempting offers


500 different categories, 10,000 different tournaments. Get ready to push the limits.

  • While providing ease of use with leagues grouped according to the countries, we brought visual design to the foreground with country flags.
  • Filter your day's matches with one touch.
  • View all of the tournaments of one country on a single screen.
  • View over 100 special bets for each match with just one touch.
  • Special sections for special tournaments and leagues such as UEFA, FIFA, EUROLEAGUE.
  • View the results of all played matches with a just one touch.
  • View the current standings of all leagues on a single screen with a single touch.
  • Easily switch between countries without returning to the home screen.
  • Make a difference against other companies by offering more than one bet on a single match in the same coupon.
  • You can diversify coupons with easy and fast transition between different sports branches. A single ticket can be placed on more than one sport branch.


Do not worry that the match started! Feel the excitement of Live Betting until the last whistle.

Experience the joy of betting on a competition in play. Betting options up to 50 to a live event that is still in play. Dozens of betting options from goal bettings to card bettings, from corner bettings to over / under bettings are offered in control of our expert tracker team with continuously updated odds. Card, corner and period statistics of the event in play can be displayed instantly and up to date. More than one bet can be played on a single match in the same coupon. With easy and fast transitions between different sport branches, bets on more than one sports branch can be placed in a single ticket. With the fast payment system, payment is made without waiting for the match to end and the betting excitement continues with new games.

You can bet safely, easily and instantly with Tiposoft.