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The success of any project depends on the team behind it. We do not take any chances, thanks to our experienced team who work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our trackers, who work without interruption, reduce the risk of error to zero. With our updated infrastructure, R & D projects, IT and control departments, we aim to get better everyday.

All competitions in sports betting and live betting are controlled and tracked by our trackers before, during and after the match. These interventions, which are made when necessary in control of our team, provide maximum profit with zero risk to our customers.


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Sport Betting (Monthly)

  • Tiposoft Founded 2011 - Founded
    Tiposoft released its first program to the market with the vision and goal of being permanent.
  • Introduction to the Market 2012
    Making entrance with a young and dynamic staff, Tiposoft started to gain a place in the sector quickly.
  • Customer Satisfaction 2013
    Tiposoft, receiving a satisfying amount of demand from the market, has taken steps to bring its existing program to a wider audience.
  • System Being Renovated 2014
    Taking support from customers' interest and trust, Tiposoft went into a deep-rooted structure to offer you the best service. Latest product has been presented to the market with renewed software, 9 sports branches and 32+ bet types.
  • Trusted Brand 2015
    Tiposoft gained more power with its experience, quality understanding and the trust of the market it has gained over its past years.
  • Online Platforms 2016
    Thanks to its Web & Mobile Shop feature, Tiposoft has brought a different dimension to its activity in the market, aiming to offer betting services that is accessible everywhere, exclusive to its terminal customers.
  • Journey to the Top 2017
    Offering its brand new software to the market with 18 sports branches and 100+ bet types, Tiposoft continues to work, produce and develop with the goal of being the world leader in the field.